Healthy Eating

Meals and snacks

All of the meals at nursery are cooked on the premises and are based upon current guidelines for nutrition and health for young children. Our cook caters for special dietary requirements and will always endeavour that meals whatever the requirement are similar to one and other for each meal time or have a main meal which suits the dietary requirements of all the children on a particular day.

A family atmosphere

Meal times are very important part of our day where we aim to support a family atmosphere. Our meals and snack times are very sociable occasions when staff and children interact and enjoy this time.  Independence and problem solving skills are always encouraged and meal times are another opportunity for this to happen. Children set the table, serve the plates and each child is able to self-serve vegetables and side dishes and encouraged to pour their own drinks.

We sit in family groups at mealtimes with a nursery staff member at each table. Children are learning about manners, experiencing appropriate language and skills such as ‘may I have..’ or ‘would you like…?’ taking turns and helping others, amongst many other of the important social skills during meal times. Children are unhurried and caring staff are observant of  children who are less confident with new foods,  gently supporting whilst ensuring familiar food is also available.

We will always work in partnership with parents if a child is less confident with certain foods and discuss together how best to support this.

Drinks are provided throughout the day

At mealtimes, children are able to choose milk or water to drink, which they are able to do independently by pouring from small jugs. We have a drinks station which ensures drinks are available throughout the day as well as mealtimes. Children are encouraged to independently serve themselves but staff are also on hand to ensure children are having refreshment when needed. During hot weather or after exercise, the children are again encouraged to have regular drinks of water.  Children are also able to bring in their own drinks bottle if preferred, with their name/picture on.

Current seasonal weekly menus