Seasonal Menus

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Chilli-Con Carne, Lasagne, Cottage/Forest Pie                          Autumn Fruit pies / Crumbles

Chicken Pie /Cobbler / Curry / Casserole                                 Stewed autumn fruits

Pork/Beef/Quorn  sausages (Oven baked, Plait, Casserole)          Milk Puddings (rice, semolina etc)

Tomato Pasta Bake / Macaroni Cheese                                    Flapjack with apple/pumpkin                                                                                                   & sunflower seed

Roast Dinner with roasted vegetables and potatoes                    Autumn Fruit Fools

Moroccan Meatballs / Quornballs                                             Sponge pudding / Fruit Muffin

Ocean Pie, Tuna pasta bake

Bean and Barley Hotpot