A day at Forest Nursery

We have two rooms within our nursery, the Rainbow room for our 2-3 year old group and the Sunshine room for our 3-4 year old children.

We believe that it is important for young children to have a familiar routine to help them feel safe and secure. Children are supported through the daily transitions from one part of the day to another through using songs and visual pictures.

A day at forest nurseryWhilst each of the rooms provides something a little different which is tailored to the developmental needs of each age group, both rooms reflect a similar daily routine which is important in providing security and continuity for our children.

There are times in the session that we will get together as a whole nursery group for singing, music time, physical activities or outdoor play. There are also quiet times which are important for young children. We also have opportunities for a gentle walk along the bridal path which leads out from the nursery premises.

There is flexibility within our daily routine, just as you would have at home, which allows for opportunities to follow the children’s interests, needs or spontaneous walks to the local shop/park  or visitors such as our wonderful local community police officer or even Father Christmas stopping by on a horse!

During any session, either morning, afternoon or full day, children will experience and have access to all of the following:

  • Key group time (Structured small group activities with specific learning focus/objectives)
  • Free flow play – independent access to the indoor/outdoor learning environment with staff close by who are able to sensitively ‘step in’ to support and extend individual learning
  • Circle time – a wonderful opportunity for children to get together with the staff as a whole group and share their news, explore themes and say hello to one another
  • Physical Activity time (indoor and outdoor)
  • Story time (both on a one to one basis during free flow with a member of staff or as a whole group)
  • Table top activities and explorations
  • Singing, rhymes and raps or music time with our wonderful music teacher Mrs. Rose
  • Cafe-style snack time (children choose when they would like to come for a drink/something to eat and sit down with friends, ensuring engagement and learning taking place during ‘free-flow’ is not unnecessarily interrupted)

Children who are attending all day with us, in addition to their outdoor play, will have opportunities to join a member of staff on a walk down the lane onto the meadow, providing a time to chat, listen for environmental sounds, explore nature and the season.

Children attending full day or a full morning session will also have a home cooked lunch by our lovely cook Miss Robinson. Please have a look at our seasonal menus for further information about our delicious and nutritious meals.

Children attending full day or a full afternoon session will join us for tea which seasonally consist of savoury sandwiches, rolls, wraps, salads, warm food on toast or soup. Fresh and dried fruit, yoghurts and homemade cakes/ biscuits are always available.